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A Brand New You

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What is your value-added proposition? If asked to name three personal stand-out qualities, would you know how to identify them? What is your BRAND value? Are you aware of how people view you as an individual, or what impression you are leaving with them? What do people like Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Dr. Ian Smith, and Donald Trump have in common? They are all successful brands, who have their respective loyal following resulting from their knowledge and ability to connect with a base, and also for their aggressive entrepreneurial reputation. People build loyalty with those who they consider having vibrant personalities, a strong character, are responsible, and have something valuable with which they can connect. Whether you are an entrepreneur, corporate professional, college student, retiree, or unemployed, a strong personal BRAND is built on what makes you valuable, and the image you project with those in your everyday life. As a corporate professional, you will learn how to develop a robust BRAND that will give you an advantage over your qualified peers.

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you are the image of your business. If your customers experience an unfavorable relationship with you, or you as the owner exhibit a poor reflection on the service you provide, you will lose the loyalty of your customers and risk going out of business from decreased revenue. College students must understand that career development begins as they enter college, and not after they depart. That is too late. Doing the right thing as a student will be rewarding when graduation approaches, and also when you are competing for career opportunities with thousands of others who are equally as qualified. Retirees who may be looking to volunteer or find part-time work to stay busy can also benefit from building a strong personal BRAND. Unemployed does not equate to being unqualified. Circumstances lead to massive layoffs since December 2007, and knowing how to develop a BRAND that gets recognized among a large pool of employable prospects will take you a long way.

Purchase your copy today and learn the importance of building your personal BRAND. These books are great as birthday gifts, graduation gifts, a just because I care" gift, or for your own personal copy. Learn how to construct a Personal Development Plan, with the framework I have provided in the back of the book. Without a plan to build your personal BRAND. you risk not knowing how to identify your self-worth and grow your value-added proposition. The step-by-step process will help you identify those qualities that will make you stand out and take control of your image. Create the advantage you need to remain in demand and competitive. Take ownership of your personal BRAND today. Copies can be ordered on, or on After you have purchased your copy and have read the book, please go to the contacts link of this website and submit your comments. I would love to have your constructive feedback. Thank you for your support.