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Thompson Management Consulting, LLC wishes all our supporters and their families great health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Jennifer Banks-Anderson

Faith Bookstore

Opened up a bookstore in New York two years ago and was assisted by Thompson Management Consulting in getting my business plan completed. The level of service I received from TMC was very professional, especially since TMC is located in Atlanta. We are up and running efficiently, thanks to the business plan assistance we received from TMC.

Alicia M. White, MBA

(Keller Graduate School Alumni, 2003)

I recently participated in a seminar hosted by The Keller/Devry Graduate School Of Management Alumni Association (Atlanta Chapter) where Mr. Thompson was the keynote speaker. During his presentation, Mr. Thompson explored the topic of personal branding. In doing so, he presented a comprehensive framework for developing an effective personal brand and incorporated specific action items as take-aways to help reinforce the content covered during the session. Mr. Thompson explored several tools of effective personal branding, including, the utilization of social media, networking, and physical appearance strategies. Mr. Thompson effectively and enthusiastically communicated the importance of developing and maintaining a personal brand in order to create a competitive advantage within the business environment. The information shared was relative and appropriate for entrepreneurs, seasoned business professionals, and even the recent college graduate embarking on their initial professional journey. I left the session empowered, informed, and excited about applying the strategies to help strengthen my own personal brand.

Althea S. Prince, Esq

Thank you, Austin, for your big thoughts and well wishes for me and The Prince Firm, LLC. Just over one year ago we set about the seemingly daunting tasking of drafting a strategic plan for my law firm. Like so many other solo practitioners I had been running my practice without consideration of business concepts and practices. I focused my energies solely on providing strategic, quality legal representation to our clients and neglected the books of the business.

I contracted for your services because, simply put, I wanted to grow revenue and sustain that growth. The finished strategic plan that you drafted for my firm expertly synthesized all of the data and other content you squeezed out of me over the course of our meetings. With the vision and mission statements you asked me WHY? and answered WHY NOT! Completing the SWAT analysis was insightful and ultimately generated meaningful information that made the finished plan useful in identifying The Prince Firm’s competitive advantage in the legal market.

Now a year later, where is the firm? The answer that immediately comes to mind is: (1) able to properly track revenue and compare budget to actual numbers (2) able to understand the connection between marketing and revenue in a way that informs our spending of marketing dollars, (3) more keenly aware of which practice areas drive revenue and are higher uses of my time, and (4) better able to budget for expenses. Above all these, however, is a clear understand of the upcoming intermediate goals and the real-time steps the firm must take to get to those landmarks.

I have revisited the strategic plan on at least two occasions since you turned it over to me and have the benefit of my objectives for the firm clearly written in a tabbed notebook. Thank you again, Austin, for the investment in time that you made in The Prince Firm, LLC. Your professionalism, expertise, and ability to explain business concepts to a laywoman such as myself made our meetings productive and the end product worth the invested time and money.


It was a pleasure meeting Austin at a recent Georgia Haitian Chamber of Commerce Marketing and Sales presentation. His contribution was invaluable and his excitement and love of marketing contagious. He left myself and the other attendees equipped with lots of actionable steps to improve our marketing efforts and grow our respective businesses/books of business. I wish him continued success and growth in his industry.

Linden Jackson

Small Business Coach
Operation Hope

Greetings, my name is Linden Jackson and I’m a Small Business Coach with Operation HOPE. We accelerate financial opportunities for all people and provide services that help people start and grow their business, clean up their credit, increase savings, purchase homes, recover from disasters and stay out of poverty. In our quest to stabilize economic inequality, we partner with like-minded partners to provide resources and education to the people who need it most. As a part of my job, I conduct workshops and one on one counseling sessions for people interested in improving their lives on various levels. To facilitate that objective, we rely on the expertise of subject matter experts who speak at our workshops and Entrepreneurial Training Programs.

Austin Thompson is one of the speakers who I was blessed to encounter during my first year of coaching, and he has never let me down. His engaging presentations have stirred interest from attendees and generated a lot of interest. Mr. Thompson has brought added value to me and Operation HOPE, and he’s one of the reasons for my success. His impact has been tremendous, and my clients always want more information from him; in fact, it’s been hard to let him go at the conclusion of his engagement, because people are always asking more questions!

Due to Mr. Thompson’s high quality of shared information, I will keep asking him back to present for me, and I hope to keep a strong relationship going with him for as long as possible. The grant that pays my salary comes through the Enterprising Women of Color grant, funded by the Minority Business Development Agency. Mr. Thompson has helped prove his worth to this initiative by making my clients aware of the infinite opportunities available through business development. Most of my clients are women, and they have gravitated to Mr. Thompson through his endless knowledge, charm and charisma. They always want his contact information so they can keep in touch with him for their future business growth.

Samantha Samuels, BS, CLC, MHF, CPS

AuthenticMe Consulting, LLC

Hello Austin, I wanted to share my raw emotions with you. My testimony: As I began to open my package to explore my dream and vision, I became emotional because it is, my vision on paper coming to light before my eyes. Then I saw your letter and felt overwhelmed because you helped me put what is in my head on paper and now it is my job to execute. I want to thank you for your dedication to support someone like myself who has visions and dreams beyond words but sometimes don't know where to start. Austin, what you have done for me is more than what I could have imagined and this is only my "Lean plan" . I can't wait for the full fledge. I am truly grateful for your level of professionalism and excellences. Thompson Management Consulting, LLC produces high quality services. I would highly recommend their services.


Profit and Loss Analysis for SBA EIDL Loan

Obi | Omni Classic Autos LLC
Lawrenceville, GA

I’m a happy and satisfied client of Thompson Management Consulting LLC. I commend its Business Mentoring and Advisement. Austin worked on my projected business Profit & Loss Statement. I appreciate his display of professionalism in the way he explained every details of the statement to me via zoom video conference. I will definitely recommend their services.

Stephanie Sokenis

Center Manager
Gwinnett Entrepreneur Center

Class Lecture on Business and Operations Planning
Austin truly taps into his vast experience to provide a compass for the sometimes-overwhelming journey of an entrepreneur. Not only does he cover all the steps one needs to take to find success, but he does so in a manner that is understandable, achievable and implementable. Entrepreneurs attending his program left with sensible action items and best practices to do things right and mitigate some of the risk that comes with business ownership.

Staff Retreat and Strategic Planning

Caribbean International Shipping Services, Inc.
July 16, 2020

On February 5, 2020, Austin Thompson of Thompson Management Consulting, LLC conducted an all-day classroom style operations training for our staff of Caribbean International Shipping Services (CISS), celebrating 25 years in business. During the 8-hour day Retreat, 23 full and part-time staff members to include front office administration staff, drivers, and warehouse personnel, received critical training which included a myriad of topics such as understanding our organization SWOT, developing SMART goals, knowing our value proposition, emotional intelligence and team dynamics, conflict resolution, branding, customer relations, maintaining a winning attitude, and other valuable topics discussed during the day. Lessons were distributed in the form of case studies and presentation material, with opportunities for our staff to work on various exercises for personal development. Each employee received his/her own personal binder with educational material. CISS is a $5M a year small business with a plan to reach $10M by 2025.

We are eternally grateful for Thompson Management Consulting, LLC for conducting the all-day training session for our employees and working with us as we embark on our strategic planning process to achieve significant overall goals to realize our 2025 business objective. We appreciate his professionalism, attention to our challenges, and personable approach to classroom instruction. On behalf of our management and staff, we highly recommend Thompson Management Consulting, LLC for employee training and development, as well as assisting with strategic planning.

Sincerely yours

Gordon and Sharon Barnwell
Caribbean International Shipping Services, Inc.
3048 Miller Rd
Lithonia, Georgia

Webinar - Training

Your Entrepreneurial Journey Begins With Business Planning
Thursday, January 21, 2021

Wow!  Austin is an engaging and dynamic speaker!  His webinar, "Your Entrepreneurial Journey Begins With Business Planning," was packed with information to help business owners create an effective business plan.  Austin provided thought-provoking insights to help attendees identify opportunities to build profitable and competitive businesses by creating a comprehensive plan. In addition to sharing his expertise, Austin kept the audience engaged with his personality, business examples, and genuine desire to help business owners succeeded!

The feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive!
We Thank Austin for sharing his expertise with The EDGE members!
-- Michelle, The EDGE 

Staff and Executive Strategic Planning

Caribbean Life TV
February 27, 2021

Dear Austin, Thank you so much for taking the time to facilitate our off-site executive meeting for Caribbean Life TV. We were looking for a consultant who was capable of listening to our need, issues and concerns and to help us work through our strategies to scale the company and engage our team better to take the company to the next step. You not only delivered on this but also created a ‘plan of action’ with regards to business development. You facilitated the meeting and Q & A sessions, presented yourself in a professional manner and provided ‘take-aways’ to the team, in the form of the material used, folders and handouts. I will certainly be recommending you to anyone looking for a consultant to help take their businesses or lifestyle in general to the next level. Thank again to you Austin and your team at TM Consulting for your work and dedication to Caribbean Life TV. We appreciate you.

Caroline Vaughn-Cooke
Marketing Director, Caribbean Life TV 

New Start Entrepreneurship Incubator

Gwinnett County Public Library
October 22, 2022

Austin led a 3-hour business plan workshop for students enrolled in the New Start Entrepreneurship Incubator, a Gwinnett County Public Library program for formerly incarcerated individuals who aspire to start their own small businesses. We approached Austin because of his enthusiasm for our initiative and his extensive knowledge of the business planning process. Our disadvantaged students face extra hurdles in their entrepreneurial journeys, so we felt that a deep dive into planning and research was a crucial step toward ensuring their success. During the workshop, Austin covered everything from operations and strategy to marketing and financials, all in a dynamic presentation style that kept everyone engaged and focused. He also offered to review each student’s business plan draft and provide individual feedback. We are so grateful to Austin for sharing his expertise and wealth of experience with our participants.

Adam Pitts
Project Manager, Gwinnett County Public Library  

Jack and Marsha Steinberg

Horizon Deli

"When we began working on our business plan, we soon realized that we were getting nowhere very fast. My wife and I noticed an advertisement for a consulting company in Atlanta and called the telephone number. From that day, we never regretted calling Thompson Management Consulting and speaking with Mr. Thompson about assisting our business planning needs. We appreciated the professional service received before opening our business, and we are still in contact with TMC for ongoing business consulting, especially for our promotions."

James E. Moon

President-Emeritus of the Keller Graduate School of Management Alumni Association
Senior Accountant, Investment Operations
Prudential Real Estate Investors

"When we began working on our business plan, we soon realized that we were getting nowhere very fast. My wife and I noticed an advertisement for a consulting company in Atlanta and called the telephone number. From that day, we never regretted calling Thompson Management Consulting and speaking with Mr. Thompson about assisting our business planning needs. We appreciated the professional service received before opening our business, and we are still in contact with TMC for ongoing business consulting, especially for our promotions."